Accounting jobs are as important to business as rain is to agriculture. Without them, no business could sustain itself, let alone grow and flourish. Developed during medieval times, accounting remains the process for record-keeping and financial accountability, allowing companies to better manage assets, income, liabilities and the reconciliation of all these areas.

The Importance of Accounting

While there are plenty of accounting jobs, this sector falls into two categories, managerial or financial accounting. The latter is responsible for management of information that affects a company’s portfolio and status. They answer to stockholders, creditors, suppliers, vendors, customers and regulatory commissions. Managerial accountants handle internal information, such as costs of goods, profit targets, salaries, benefits and material control. They answer to management, supervisors and board members, helping them set policies about day-to-day operations.

Responsibilities of the Accountant

While titles and duties can change from company to company, the responsibilities associated with accounting can be streamlined to include the following:

  • Provides information and counsel for financial management.
  • Researches and analyzes data in order to determine a person’s or company’s financial position.
  • Prepares reports, spreadsheets, financial models and other documentation for presentation.
  • Makes recommendations based on review of accounting options.
  • Collects information to summarize financial status, as well as to prepare balance sheets, quarterly and annual reports, and profit and loss statements.
  • Monitors operations to ensure departments are maintaining accounting controls, polices and procedures.
  • Manages invoices, payments, account reconciliations, inventory and audits.
  • Tracks financial information through a range of channels, including ledgers and software.
  • Ensures operations adhere to state, federal and local financial regulations and legislation.

These positions require candidates who pay attention to the details, can spend hours poring over minutiae and who know how to keep their clients’ information confidential. They need excellent communication skills, the ability to research, report and present, and to have strong time, data and project management capabilities. Some accounting jobs may only need a post leaving certificate education while others may require an advanced degree. Others may want a background in a specific industry. Regardless of requirements, accounting jobs are vital components of not just every business, but of every economy, regardless of region.

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