Banking & Finance Jobs

For those searching for finance jobs Dublin, there are numerous companies and industries that can provide such job opportunities. Many of these jobs require a strong background in financial studies and management abilities, and they feature extensive room for growth. Finance jobs Dublin always entail working with financial matters, though the scope of these matters may vary depending on the employer.

Finance Manager

The finance manager reports directly to the general manager, and it is one of the most intensive finance jobs Dublin available. Professionals are responsible for ensuring that they have total control over their workplace environment and that they manage financial documentation, general procedures and risk management strategies. This position requires a strong academic background, as finance managers are responsible for the operational and strategic development of a business. Sometimes they may be required to develop new business lines for the company if they are chosen to work for a larger corporation.

Business Analyst

This role involves analyzing complicated business requirements in order to provide businesses with long-term solutions for different operational models. Professionals in this field will be responsible for analyzing related financial subject matters, and they need to be able to conduct detailed analysis procedures in order to determine how to optimize business practices. To work in this field, professionals should have at least a bachelor’s degree in business, finance or technology. The more experience that the individual has, the more likely it is that they will be successful in this career.

Team Investment Leader

A team investment leader, as the job title implies, is a professional who is responsible for financial team management in a group. Some of their responsibilities include quarterly team plans, weekly team meetings and timetable reporting. They are also responsible for team member feedback management, including identifying the training needs of key members of the team and encouraging them to excel. The job description combines human resource management skills with financial management skills to help the business grow as a whole.

Private Equity Account Manager

This job allows individuals to enter the field of private equity management at their own pace, as different clients will have different requirements for their managers. Prior experience is always a positive point, and this job focuses on managing private equity accounts for clients. Mangers will educate their clients on potential equity options, and it is strongly recommended for interested candidates to be experienced with the equity market.


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