5 top reasons to hire temporary staff

Recruiting staff is very time consuming and very expensive as a result.  Instead why not hire temporary / contract staff from Firstaff who will provide you with top-notch talent?  As we all know, you may need extra staff to cover various times – long term sickness, maternity leave, a new project or occasionally to cover peak seasons.  Lets look at the top 5 reasons to hire temporary staff.


Firstaff have access to a large talent pool of excellent candidates available for temporary and contact roles, so you can avoid the headache and hassle normally associated with hiring a new employee.  The temporary employee is there to do the job you require them to do.  This also can be an excellent way to get to know a person and see how they fit into your company culture, should the role then turn out to be required on a permanent basis. 


Do you require specialised skills to complete a project?  Then this is the perfect time to hire temporary staff to complete a particular job.  Once the job is then complete the temporary employee is no longer needed.  This is an excellent way to get a job done faster – hiring the skills required.


You simply pay for the temporary employee by invoice, saving on benefits and you have no additional costs associated either, no HR/accountancy costs. Firstaff take care of all the administrative details and payroll for your temporary employee, leaving you to focus on running your business.


Quick placement – we will cover you for those times when you require temporary / contract roles, to cover sick-leave / maternity-leave /  a new project.  Just pick up the phone and let us know the skills you require and we will have someone out to you as soon as possible.

Save time

Get what you need done now – not next week or next month – If you are experiencing a delay in getting something done – Get someone in to help overcome the issue – be it staff shortage or skills shortage.  Time is money after all.

Since 1967,  Firstaff has long standing partnerships with many leading organisations in Ireland for recruiting permanent / contract and temporary roles.  All our temporary staff accrue holidays and bank holidays like any other employee.  We fully comply with all employer related legislation and we treat all our temporary employees the same as any other employee.  We always deliver highly competent, efficient and professional staff.  

Helping build great companies since 1967, Firstaff Personnel Consultants will find you the right talent for your growing needs.  Contact Firstaff today should you require an extra pair of hands  01 6797766

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