7 Better Career Resolutions you should make happen for 2016


Happy new year job seekers!

So it’s the new year and with that brings new years resolutions – Here we’ve compiled a list of new years resolutions you’ll want.  If you’re unhappy in your job – boredom, poor work/life balance etc the new years resolution is easy – get a new job.  However if things are going well for you – the new year is definitely the time to look at your career and decide the direction you want things to go.

1. Annual career check-up

This is where you should step back a bit and reflect on how last year performed for you as an employee.  Was it a good year?  How do you feel about your job? You should write a list of things you would like to change or achieve this year.   Whether it be taking on new responsibilities or working towards a promotion.  Make 2016 the year for you.

2. Network network network.

Networking is vital to succeed, so this year make it your priority to meet or connect with more people.  Start meeting people outside your niche venturing outside your comfort bubble.  You could try going to a conference or volunteering.  Connecting with your alumni contacts – this is a great way to to connect with people outside your niche using your college as a common ground.

3. Update your CV / LinkedIn profile

You may be content in your job right now – but this is no excuse not to update your CV / LinkedIn profile – as you never know what job opportunity might come around and you want to be able to apply for a new position straight away.  Updating your online presence is just as important to make sure you look professional.

4. Communication

When you’re working on a project let others know what your doing.  Respond to emails promptly.  Communication is very important, don’t leave people waiting for answers.

5. Develop your skill set

Learning new skills will make you a more valuable asset to your company.  This will open doors for promotion and a pay raise.   You should always be looking to improve your skills.  This can be done so easily now with online webinars, online courses, enrolling in a course, attending industry workshops or attending a conference.

6. Earn more money / gain a promotion

This is most definitely on everyones list.   Earning more money will only come to you if you have proved your worthiness.   Make this part of your yearly appraisal.  If you don’t ask you probably wont get it – so explain why you deserve it.  If a pay raise isn’t going to happen this time maybe look for a better working arrangement where you get a better work/life balance.

7. Delegate better

If your position involves managing a team of employees – start distributing the workload better.  This will free you up valuable time to focus and grow your business.

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