7 great online language learning tools


The internet today has many tools, webinars, documentation and information on ways to improve any number of skills.  Upskilling is something we constantly need to do to keep our profiles strong as a candidate.  Learning a new language can be very useful, interesting and fun to do.  The internet is packed with many useful sites with tools for learning a new language quickly and efficiently.  All of the featured sites below are varied in their approach in how they teach the new language and the tools they offer.  Learning a new language can be quite a difficult task and if it can be fun along the way even better.


Busuu provides award-winning content from educational experts and teachers.  Busuu is the largest social media network for language learning, meaning you can connect with fellow language learners, engage and receive instant feedback on how you’re doing.  You will be able to chat with native speakers online through the web or while on the move with the app.


Duolingo is a fun and addictive way to learn a new language.  Through games you loose a life when you get something wrong and gain points when you complete a lesson.  Every lesson includes a variety of translation, speaking, listening, and multiple choice challenges.  Again you can  learn online through the web or while on the go with the app.


Livemocha is a community of language enthusiasts, teachers, language experts & language learners.  Learning through practice and interactive activities from real native speakers of the language.


Byki claims it’s the fastest method for learning a new language using its unique personalised software where you tailor the software to suit your needs and requirements.  Byki uses flashcards that help you to store words and phrases, ensuring that the material you’ve covered is successfully locked into your memory. There are many different tools with the software and it has excellent web resources and a large community of users.


Memrise is a flashcard app site where you memorise vocabulary in foreign languages through repetition.  There are tonnes of courses to choose from, some with very specific subjects and others which cover a broad range.


Forvo is a pronunciation dictionary.  You can listen to native speakers pronounce the word correctly.  An extremely useful tool when learning a new language.

BBC Languages

BBC Languages, although it’s no longer updated – it’s still an excellent resource that has 40 different languages available for learning a new language.

So there you have it -Get ahead of the rest & get better job opportunities, start learning a new language today.

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