7 Keys to Becoming an Effective Business Leader


7 Keys to Becoming an Effective Business Leader

With authority comes power, with power comes responsibility. A leader must be responsible, trustworthy and authoritative, yet be a charismatic and positive influence on the team. Great leaders generate great successes and create effective, productive work environments. While some people are born with leadership skills and possess a knack for dealing with people, others learn on the job. Simply put, there are 7 common keys to becoming an effective business leader
Building Focus
The most important aspect of being an effective leader is getting work done promptly and properly. The leader has to build the focus of the entire team towards what has to be done, when it is to be done and who will do it. Setting goals that are realistic and practical is essential, as if ensuring that all team members have understood their responsibilities. Focus can be implemented by various strategies, such as an incentive of Employee of the Week or by regulating refreshment breaks while a task is in progress. 
Delegating Work
Just because you’re the leader does not mean you have to do everything on your own. An effective leader is one who knows his or her own limits. To become an effective business leader, start by sorting the to-do list by priority and urgency. Then, list out the tasks that can be done by other team members, which would allow you to concentrate on the tasks that only you can do. Delegating work smartly ensures a smooth work flow, higher productivity and less hassle. 
Managing Motivation 
Team members may get distracted, tired or bored over the course of time. An effective leader manages motivation by implementing policies and setting incentives. The work environment after a two hour workshop can be lightened up with an office lunch after it.  
Setting an Example 
The golden rule of effective business leadership: be what you want your workers to be. (A bit like ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, yes). If you want punctual work, make sure yours is done first. Want to see energy and enthusiasm in the team? Wear a smile on your face and don’t let them catch you sleeping on your table. 
Utilising Technology  
We’re in the 21st century. Everyone is online. Use technology to your advantage by building a business reputation online. And if your business type allows it, have an online group with your team members on which you can share information and create a bond even outside the workplace. 
Creating  Teams
To become an effective business leader you must know your workers inside-out. Observe, question and experiment with them and find out who works most efficiently with whom, and which workers tend to talk more and work less. 
Being Human 
Effective business leaders can be recognised in a room full of people. They are charismatic, vibrant and have an authoritative attitude. Positivity radiates from them, and they know everyone and everything. To be an effective business leader, be human. Congratulate achievements, acknowledge efforts, and make the workers feel dedicated to the work.

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