7 Top questions to ask before you accept the job offer

Congratulations – You sold yourself in the job interview and you received a call to say you got the job! You’re delighted and excited but before you automatically jump in head first – negotiate! You’ve proved to the employer that your the one they want – now it’s time for you to check that they will be the right fit for you – So ask these questions and show your new potential boss that you are thorough.

1. Can you send me a copy of the offer?
This is a good starting point – As the offer will outline your salary – holidays, hours of work, day to day duties, benefits etc – This should be the first question you ask – Thank them for the job offer and politely ask them to email it to you – This will give you everything you need as a starting point.

2. When do you need my decision by?
Always ask this question shortly after you asked for the offer in writing – as it informs the potential employer you want to see all the details before you commit. Normally a potential employer will give you a day or two. They will then be expecting your call in regards to the negotiation of contract. Always call once you are ready to discuss any issues you may have a concern over – Don’t email it’s more personal to call.

3. Is this job a good fit for me?
Go with your gut – You know deep down if you have concerns or if you are super excited about this new job offer – Always listen to your gut as the vast majority of times you are right.

4. When are you expected to start?
This may have been covered in the interview – most often it has – but if not – be clear how much notice you may have to give your current employer. This more often will also be covered in the job offer.

5. Is this job good for my career path?
Is this job something you will be proud of on your CV? You want to be able to advance yourself and think about the future – What prospects is there for further promotion? Does this company encourage training and do they pay for fees and time off if needed – Show enthusiasm and initiative – you want to advance yourself and the skills you can offer their company.

6. Could I have a tour of the company office?
You may think this is silly, but you will be working here for 40+ hours a week and wouldn’t you like to see where you will be working before you accept a job offer? Where your desk will be and who you will be reporting to? This could be a nice informal visit where you could meet you potential boss and see if you will like working there. This could give you a better insight into the culture in the company and how they value their employees.

7. Salary & Benefits?
If the salary and benefits aren’t quite what you were expecting – then there might be room for negotiation – If there’s no room to negotiate salary try negotiating benefits like time off and working hours – As sometimes these can be more important, giving you a better work life balance. Can you work remotely from home one day a week? Or can the hours be flexible? Think about whats important to you.

Finally take your time when accepting a job offer – Always review the job offer carefully. Always be calm when you call the potential employer back and ask politely in a non-confrontational way. Practice the call with someone as this will make you more confident for the negotiation call. If your potential employer says “No” to something important to you – be persistent – as they may change their mind – Know what you are worth! Remember if you don’t ask you definitely wont get it!

When you receive the final offer – Reply in writing accepting the offer. If this isn’t the job offer for you – Reply declining the offer in a diplomatic & professional way explaining your reasons if you wish.

Best of luck!

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