7 Top Tips for Promotion

7 Top Tips for Promotion
Whatever be the field of your work and wherever you may be working, the sweetest message you can ever hear is “you got a raise or a promotion”. This is the common motivation for everyone in the workforce (anywhere in the world).
The system of evaluation, career progression and promotions is inherent in most well organised workplaces but there may be circumstances where you be looked over in your promotion despite having the requisite qualifications, experience and meeting the promotion criteria set by your management. Here are the top tips to get what you deserve in the shape of a promotion.
  1. Talk to your manager. In any organisation, there are managers and executives who decide about promotions and raises. It is simply the matter of projecting your goals, ambitions, contributions, achievements and expectations to the right person at the right time. Always be responsive, forthcoming and ready to share more responsibilities. Your dependability would make you a visible candidate for a promotion.
  2. Pick the right beacon for yourself. Finding a smart mentor can be a quick way to a promotion. Within each organisation, you would surely find “old hands” who are willing to help you in understanding the hidden dynamics of rising within the ranks. Such strong liaisons and relationships with higher placed people within your organisation can go a long way in giving you a true boost in promotions.  
  3. Watch for “what is needed” and preferred. There is always room at the top and smarter employees know what they need to qualify to be promoted. Keeping a track of your company promotion criteria and required qualifications would be the first step to achieving those standards that you place you in the pool of most visible candidates for promotion. Acquire and achieve the standards to qualify for a well deserved promotion. 
  4. Its all about how you contribute and perform. Inefficiency is never rewarded and every management loves achievers and those who prove their worth. Continued hard work and dedication is the key to stand out from the crowd and your worth would be definitely acknowledged by the management with a promotion. 
  5. Knit yourself in the workplace culture. Never be an “odd man out”. Let it be the gossip or the extracurricular life of your workplace, be a part of it to be doubly sure that you are counted in when the promotion board sits for evaluation. Be sure that you don’t become a part of controversies and maintain a good rapport within your workplace.
  6. Management love volunteers. Though it may give a few additional headaches, volunteering can make you one of the most favoured candidates for the promotion ladder.
  7. Promote an image that helps in getting noticed by the management. That must come through positive means and must never be a result of controversies, gossip or scandals. 

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