Aviation Jobs Ireland


Aviation Jobs Ireland

Do you find yourself looking towards the sky every time you hear an aircraft fly by? Are you fascinated by aircrafts and the aviation industry as a whole? If the answer is yes, why not consider making a career out of that interest. The aviation industry in Ireland is ripe with new opportunities. There are a number of diverse paths that can be taken to enter this sector, whether you want to work in the air or on the ground. At Firstaff, we source candidates on behalf of a number of industry leaders in various airline/aviation disciplines and we have listed some of our most exciting roles below:


As with any CEO in any industry, an airline CEO is responsible for all areas of the airline and its operations. They will lead a senior team/board and guide the airline in the best way they see fit to be successful and profitable


The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for the safe and reliable operation of the airline. The COO is accountable for oversight and maintenance of the flight Operations department. In that remit the COO will need extensive operational experience to ensure that the following departments are run to an excellent standard: Engineering, In-Flight Operations, Commercial Planning, Safety, Security, Regulatory compliance, Maintenance, Ground Operations, Reservations and customer service and Flight technical services

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

An aircraft maintenance manager will be responsible for hiring and training of staff technicians. His job duties will include ensuring that the maintenance meets the safety guidelines prescribed. He must have the interpersonal skills, in addition to the technical skill, that are required to lead a team.

Chief Pilot

The Chief Pilot is responsible for operation aircrafts, supervision of flight crews, and supervision and implementation of aircraft maintenance program.  Maintains all records of aircraft operations.  Required to maintain current FAA licenses, airline transport pilot with instrument rating, first-class medical certificate, and turbo-jet and multi-engine rating. Works with management to ensure that the pilot utilization is high and their productivity is appropriate for a flight department of this size

Director of Flight Operations

This position exercises operational control, directs the execution of agreed company policies and procedures, and ensures that all activities of the Flight Operations Department to include personnel and equipment comply with company standards. This position reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer / Accountable Manager.

VP of Cargo Operations

The VP of Cargo will provide strategic operational leadership and general management to the Cargo Operations division. You will be experienced in managing a large freighter network and warehouse operation and have knowledge of all areas of operations, including and not restricted to Safety, Quality, Compliance, Special Cargo and Express and Mail products. You will have proven leadership qualities and have the ability, experience and network to do business on a global level. You will have experience of working for a global operator and be accustomed to meeting and presenting to board level

Air Traffic Controller

Being an air traffic controller is one the best jobs you can get with an associate’s degree. If you find the aviation industry exciting, but are not interested in flying, this is the job for you. This is an intriguing job, but usually causes a lot of stress as you are responsible regulating a number of aircrafts in the sky. This job also requires sheer mental focus.

Avionics Technician

While an airplane mechanic deals with the mechanical aspects of the plane, the avionics technician is responsible for the electrical components like radio communications, weather radar systems, and other instruments and computers.

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