Executive Search: Trends in Talent Acquisition


Executive Search: Trends in Talent Acquisition

This article will focus on the emerging trends within the executive search industry during this year and what it meant for companies and its employees. The tech world that we’re living in today, has led to quick alterations in the search industry so instead of going for ordinary CV-based recruitment, the focus is on hunting for new possibilities by utilising the digital era of technology and social media. Although some trends remain the same for all kinds of hiring, yet executive search differentiates itself in a few specific ways.

First of all, since executive recruitment involves people who are all top-notch, they have an added advantage of being handled in a confidential and privileged manner which normal level candidates can’t afford. But most importantly, executive search is based on superiority and class rather than on bulk buying at a discounted rate- it involves wisely thought situations where the aim is to get the best fish out of the sea instead of fetching a group.

So the question is what’s the way forward? What’s the future of “Executive Search”? The fact is that as 2017 is approaching, executive recruiters will be in demand as never before. As Scott A. Scanlon puts it “The fight for talent is drawing companies from all walks of life into the competitive race for business leadership – and this intense demand is driving all sorts of change in the talent solutions sector.”

There are a few talent acquisition trends that’ll stay constant in the upcoming year as well.

1.Employees will be looked at as brands:

The concept of human branding will flourish i.e. candidates will have to create their own image- they will no longer be assessed on paper rather through practical demonstrations of their past success, reputation as well as overall physical presentation. Candidates who have a set of universal skills, they’re more welcomed by bigger companies on higher seats largely because they become the face of that company in front of the outer world hence helping it to move forward. Since we live in a world where everything we do has become public, it is speculated that personal branding will continue to grow in importance for executive appointments.

2.Technology and Social Media; the hub for executive hiring:

The tech-oriented century that we’re living in today, there’s a great bend towards assessing people through their presence and image on social media platforms. Previously, due to threat of piracy invasion, people didn’t really put up everything on their social accounts but as our private lives have become more public, usage of social platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, for searching jobs/searching appropriate employees has increased drastically. In addition to primary research, Social Media helps executive search consultants find, analyse and vet candidates before they are even contacted, saving the hassle of scheduling and taking interviews. The techno world requires everything to be digitalised so there’s has been a shift in search companies, towards using big data and analytics to create a more in-depth talent metrics for hiring of potential candidates.

3. Diversity is the next-big thing:

The millennial generation is known to be the ones, who have a strong ambition of learning new things and striving for every opportunity that comes their way. One of the most relevant talent acquisition trends which is expected to go on for quite some time is that companies will pay great attention and will hugely invest in the growth and education of young recruits. When we talk about diversity, age is not the only factor but the recruitment of women, minorities and international candidates will also be strongly focused upon during executive recruitment drives.

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