How to answer the question “Tell me about yourself”

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How to answer the question “Tell me about yourself”

Interviews are found to be the most influential part of a recruitment drive. A good interview can land you a job straight away and a bad interview can land you absolutely nowhere. So, it’s very important to focus on the interview during recruitment drive. Interviewers nowadays ask various sorts of questions to assess the personality of the interviewee but the most important part is where they ask the question, “Tell me about yourself”.

The answer to this question gives first impression about the personality of the interviewee. Since first impression is the last impression hence it is important to work on the answer before the interview instead of going with the flow. It is important to know why interviewers ask this question and what do they expect in return.

Interviewers ask this question to let the interviewee set some ground work for them. It gives them a lead to follow. If the answer to this question bores them then they might lose interest and finish the interview after some formalities but if it appeals, they would certainly get interested in listening more. Interviewers actually look for some information that can relate the personal skills of the interviewee with the job. The following tips might help in answering this “make or break” question:

  • Prepare a brief introduction about yourself and your academic qualifications. Quickly come over to your professional skills. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Do not portray your weaknesses as some worse habits. Instead, convey the weaknesses with subtlety and prepare some answers in case your weaknesses get questioned. By preparing some counters, you give yourself a chance to dominate the interview.
  • Search the company’s website and social media for missions and visions, thoroughly. Prepare your introduction by keeping an eye on the company’s demands for the job. Since the answer to this question varies for every interview hence it is important to do your homework by going through the company’s profile once before the interview.
  • Highlight your professional skills during your introduction. Interviewers usually questions whenever something interesting comes up. Do introduce your professional skills during your introduction by mentioning something interesting like a project etc. It will tempt the interviewers to ask more and you’ll get a chance to impress them.
  • Interviewers keep the CV of the interviewee opened in front of them. Keep the information mentioned on your CV in your mind. It would be a bad impression if something fails to match.

Practice the entire introduction before the interview. Stand before a mirror and correct your postures and facial expressions. Preparing nothing and going for the interview by the thought of improvising on spot can lead you astray. The interviewers always look for a strong personality and they won’t pass you unless you manage to impress them. Working on your weaknesses can surely reduce your chances of stammering or getting confused. All these techniques can help this difficult and important question about introduction. The main trick is just to understand the technicalities associated with it, depending upon the situation.

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