How to make your business more attractive for employees?

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How to make your business more attractive for employees?
The ever growing competition in the business world has given rise to the problem of employee retention. Companies are trying to retain their employees by going the extra mile for them because in the end it’s all about competition. 
The company that offers more perks for the same job is supposed to attract the most talented and the hard worker employees of the market. A good salary has now become an old fashion of attracting the employees. Now the perks associated with the salary matter greatly in attracting the new or the experienced employees. 
Catering to the needs of employees in a way they like is the ultimate answer to this problem. They need security, assurances, easy to work environment and flexibility in job. Here are some perks that employees look forward to:
  • Health Insurance
  • Pensions
  • Holidays
  • Flexible working hours
  • Annual Bonus
  • Gym membership
Let’s take a brief look on how these perks can influence the employee retention and recruitment.
Health Insurance:
Health coverage by work is one major perk that attracts employees. Bigger companies sometimes offer health insurance but smaller firms often don’t.  Bigger firms hence get the edge.
People like to sit back and relax after their retirement. Nobody would want to work in the last stages of his/her life when it’s difficult to move a limb. If there are two options where both the companies offer the same salary package for same job but one company offers a pension after retirement and the other one doesn’t then it goes without saying that the employees would crave the job of the former company. Pension certainly makes a difference.
A tight environment at work can do more harm than good to employees. Tight schedule can render them sick and tired. Allowing them a handsome amount of holidays can be a good idea when the work load is sufficiently high. Bigger companies allow more paid leave while smaller companies allow for the mandatory holidays. Extra holidays can be a good boost to the attraction in a job.
Flexible working hours:
If the work is independent of day and night then there is nothing wrong in allowing the employees to work according to their flexible hours. Flexible working hours where extra hours worked during a week can lead to an extra day off is a great perk.   By giving them a deadline and then leaving the rest of the work on the employees can help them in doing work in a comfortable environment.  In the end, does it really matter which part of the day they worked on their assignment if they get it done before the deadline? The answer is simply “no”.
Annual Bonus:
This can be based on employee performance or how well the company did during the year.  A bonus is always appreciated whenever it comes along, most often at Christmas time.
Gym Membership:
The gym is a good attraction for employees which are keen to maintain their health and fitness. Some jobs demand constant sitting behind a desk and doing computer work. The employees of such jobs crave for a gym in the workplace and it can be a good idea to give them free or at least low cost membership. 
Employee retention largely depends on such kind of perks. The company who “makes an offer the employees can’t refuse” always wins the competition.


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