Ireland in the Aviation Sector



Ireland in the Aviation Sector

Leonardo Di Ser Piero da Vinci, or more popularly known as inventor Leonardo di Vinci was heard saying “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” This saying is very true for people all across the globe, looking skyward in appreciation to the ability of someone to scale the skies, be it birds or airplanes. The same kind of feeling prevails on an island which is no longer a remote and unknown island of Europe.

The Irish contribution and way of looking forward to its Aviation industry is more than exceptional, so much so, that case studies of the said industry are taught in the top universities of the world. Irish contribution in the world of aviation financing takes one of the biggest shares of the pie which can be directly linked to Tony Ryan who is the father figure when it comes to the modern day aircraft leasing business. He helped not only Ireland make a mark for itself on the aviation industry map, but made Irish aviation reach the top of the business.

This mastermind’s out of the box business plan with effective taxation offered jobs which in turn created a well-educated and equipped work force. This in turn further created many job openings, especially for skilled and technical labour in Ireland.  The phrase “with great powers comes great responsibility”, can be applied to Tony Ryan. If you ask anyone on the stock market, they will tell you that the boom in the aviation industry is so large it is hard to handle for a small time company. Research predicts the growth to be exponential in nature as the world’s leading aviation manufacturer Boeing predicts that they will need 533,000 new pilots and 584,000 new maintenance staff in the next two decades.

Forward looking organisations want to close this inevitable gap by investing in a younger work force both off shore and in-country. The fresh legs will give the support the aviation industry needs to fulfil the promises of the future. Ireland is fast evolving its institutions that are related to aviation so they can provide the requisite manpower needed to the Irish aviation industry in the near future. This evolution along with the ever evolving aviation industry is the right mix of need and want for the Irish aviation industry.

The Irish Aviation Student Association (IASA) aims at helping the Irish students make a mark in the international aviation arena. It acts as a platform for aviation students with a specialisation in the IT field which is not a common find for the aviation industry HR departments. IASA wants the fuel the engine of the aviation industry from an IT perspective for the years to come so we don’t have to look elsewhere for the required expertise. This in turn will not only provide a better future to individuals, but to the aviation industry in Ireland itself.

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