Six Ways To Beat Executive Job Stress


Six Ways To Beat Executive Job Stress

Executives in almost every profession work more than 40 hrs a week and get stressed. The feeling of being stressed doesn’t confine itself to work alone and it is brought home to affect you all around.
If the stress is interfering with other dimensions of your life like resting, sleeping, etc then this might be “the time” to take some major steps and put an end to the stress. If you happen to be hard working executive who is already feeling the effects of stress, then you are in the right place reading this blog post.
Here is a list of what you can do to reduce, if not end, the stress related to your executive job.
1) Sleeping
If you want to reduce work related stress then the first step is to regulate your sleep patterns to be calm and free of interference. All Doctors and researchers recommend daily minimum sleep of 8 hours. If you happen to one of those busy executive who cant spare 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep then it may be the major cause of your stress. If your staggered working schedule doesn’t allow an interrupted sleep for 8 hours, then split sleeping routine is the next best option.
2 ) Start Your Day Early each morning
Many inspirational speakers and life coaches maintain that the key to a successful executive performance is to start your day early each morning. Starting your day early leaves out many distractions and adds to your creativity and productiveness. You are less-tense after a peaceful sleep and gives you a boost that beats stress like nothing else.
3 ) Use a to-do list or calendar to simplify your goals
Make a to-do list and write down the jobs you need to do or get done each day. Better still you can do this with the assistance of a calendar, a paper and a pen. Plan all the work with the dates properly. Feeling of being organised and in control will calm your mind and cancel out any chances of stress related to unforeseen occurrences. Being organised would give you more time as well for stress relieving activities like golf or any other activity that you may like to follow.
4) Take breaks
Sitting at the office chair and working on your computer screen doesn’t only increase stress but it also increases your chances of suffering from back pain, carpal tunnel, eye stain and much more. Get up from your desk every 30 to 45 minutes and have lunch breaks (when they are due). It will not only reduce your stress but it would increase your productivity as well.
5) Leave the work at the work place
You can make a conscious effort to separate work from home. Try to Ignore calls and emails from work at home (as far as possible). Even if you do some work at home, plan separate hours for working and implement them strictly. This will reduce your stress levels and improve the quality of your life.
6) Eat and plan a balanced diet
Eating empty carbohydrates, sugary stuff and calories can also end up causing stress. Plan your diet well and take all types of foods including protein and fats. Take snacks at regular intervals to keep up for productivity level (especially before doing any work assignments, making important phone calls, attending meetings etc).

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