Welcome to the Jungle: Job searching made easy

Welcome to the Jungle: Job searching made easy

With Irish unemployment rates at an all-time low for the last 7 years, 2015 really has been the year for the candidate.  So if you’ve been on a career break recently – now is the time to jump back in to the job searching market.  Here are our top tips to help you survive the job searching jungle and land your dream job.

Cover Letter.

So you’re sitting in front of your computer after you’ve recently updated your CV using our CV Preparation tool.  So what next?  You will need a strong cover letter – this should typically outline why you are the right candidate for the position and it should demonstrate to the potential employer how your skills & experience are relevant to their position.   Don’t try to create a generic cover letter – you should write a strong cover letter for every job you go after, it will be worth the time and effort.

Target your favourite companies.

We all have a list of our favourite companies we’d like to work for.  Start a list –  maybe start looking locally – what companies are nearby that you would like to work for.  Go online and check their website for online openings.  You can also connect with these companies through social media to receive any updates they might have in regard to new roles on the horizon.


Networking is a relatively easy way to connect with people in regard to job openings and companies to work for.  You could simply reach out to any social media network asking a simple question “I’m looking for a new career in digital marketing.  Any recommendations or tips?”  You’ll be surprised how far your post can reach across your network, especially if you make use of hashtags #digitaljobs #onlinemarketingjobs #digitaljobsdublin

Have you recently graduated?  Use your alumni to find jobs within your network.

Update all your social media accounts – Your potential employer will view these and so don’t depend on security measures to protect you – If it’s in any way inappropriate – delete it off your account.


Keep track of the companies you’ve contacted and make sure to follow up with them.  This can be done easily in excel, keeping track of contact details and timeframes.  Always be courteous and grateful for any opportunity you may have received.  If you have recently be turned down for a position – Always follow up the email with an acknowledgement email asking them to keep your details on file – It shows professionalism and should a future position become available they will remember you.

Keep Busy

While job seeking is time consuming and sometimes can take longer than initially thought – keep yourself busy learning new skills, meeting like minded people, freelancing or volunteering.  You never know where the next new contact may take you. 

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