How to handle the situation when a top employee resigns?

How to handle the situation when a top employee resigns?

Every business thrives on its workforce and an ideal workforce is a balance of well performing employees. You may have an amazing workforce but on the scale of “1—10” some of them may be better performers than others. Such top employees may be the core strength of your business and play a pivotal role in the smooth and successful running of your business.
Such top employees are usually considered indispensable yet there may be a “nightmarish scenario” where one of such employees decides to quit. This is a testing time for any employer and very few employers really understand how to react in such a situation.
Here are some smart tips to handle the situation just in case one of your top employees decides to resign.

  • Try finding out the reason. Let’s be square, the damage has been done and there may not be any turning back on your employee decision. This is the time to seek the positivity in the outcome. Try finding out the reasons for your top employee resignation. This would be a kind of appraisal upon how your employees sees and feels about the workplace environment. Interview the departing employee and seek his or her honest feedback about the reason for the resignation. It may be an issue related your workplace (salary, behaviour of other employees, stress etc). and feedback from any departing employee can help you improve upon your company policies to avoid such losses in the future.
  • Consider retaining the employee with a counter offer (but only in exceptional circumstances). Counter offers are a great tool that must be used as a last resort if the resigning employee is indispensable to your business or letting him or her go would cost you more than hiring a new hand. Weigh the pros and cons of a counter offer carefully before you go ahead with a counter offer (your employee may be using the resignation tool to get a pay raise).
  • Bid a nice farewell if the employee deserves it. Good business ethics demand that good employees must be given a good farewell at the time of departure. Don’t hesitate to give well earned recommendations and referrals to the deserving employees.
  • Show positivity in your behaviour. It may be a serious loss to your company but you must maintain your composure as a top manager while communicating the news to the other employees. Let your employee leave the workplace in good graces and show your appreciation for the work and contribution by the departing employee.
  • Be quick and smart in the transition process. A top employee resignation may create a vacuum in the system for a while. BUT this should not persist for long. Re-designate the assignments related to the job of your departing employee to suitable colleagues and Hire a new hand as soon as you can. The transition must be as smooth as possible.

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