Why a cover letter is important?


Why a cover letter is important?

What a heading does for a text, what a face does for your body, a cover letter does it for your CV. A CV is the detailed description of your intentions, abilities and talent that you have and want to share with a prospective employer. A cover letter can express immediately and easily that your CV cannot. 
A cover letter specifies the storyline you need to convey to your employer. If your cover letter manages to leave an effective impression, people will surely go after the details. Otherwise, as in most of the cases, a busy CEO or a HR manager hardly finds time to read your very long employment records. 
A cover letter is an extremely important document. Whenever, you go out and start a job hunt, it is the first paper or a screen in case of an email that comes across a boss. It has to be strong and effective and transparent. It simply serves as an introduction of yours.
Precisely, your CV gives out the details without essentially giving out your intentions. On the contrary, your cover letter, explains neatly what you want, how you are qualified and fit for a specific job and the circumstances under which you are applying for a job.
Nowadays, most of the correspondence is done through emails and also through other electronic means. In the market of jobs, a cover letter is essential even if you are forwarding your resume electronically. The people concerned still need to see it. If you are competing with others a well-crafted cover letter will take you through the pile. 
A cover letter most probably is your selling platform. You have to really draft it in a unique and purposeful manner to positively guide the employer towards your powerful professional substance.
A powerful cover letter answers all the whys and hows and also serves as a subjective portion of your CV. It connects the dots and explains all the gaps left unfilled in your CV. 
A strong cover letter demands careful drafting. It should introduce you to the company you are applying for as to why and how you are applying for this particular job. Formatting here is of utmost importance. It has to be clear, concise and original to put that lasting impression. Be candid and true in writing your intentions. 
The most important point to consider is to correctly bridge the gap between your abilities or experience and what are the job requirements. The success story depends on how successfully you convince your future boss. 
Remember, a cover letter can take you through the tides or drown you. Sometimes, it becomes as important as your total qualifications are. You would see people in your life with very good credentials but failed to effectively present them. Sometimes a mediocre who has the talent to convince the person on board wins the day.  
Cover letter is all about convincing and impression. You ought to do it and do it perfectly to attain the job. Before really writing it, you must carry out some research and learn it’s form and formatting. 
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